About Us


As captivating as the woman who wears it, MILTON & HYDE brings a playful feminine, yet bold style to their fine jewelry collections.

Started by mother and daughter team, Carolyn and Alex, who’s passion is to design jewelry that celebrates each woman’s beauty and aura. They believe that every woman should have the opportunity to enhance their individual style and femininity by wearing their MILTON & HYDE piece.

The MILTON & HYDE collections were born out of the founder’s travels and experiences living across three continents. Originally hailing from South Africa, having lived in California and now England, Carolyn and Alex are truly global citizens collecting stories and inspirations as they travel.

Their jewelry puts a new spin on regal and historic symbolism, which can be seen in their Maltese Cross and Orb designs. These symbols have become iconic to the MILTON & HYDE brand.

Carolyn and Alex collaborate on their designs and personally source these rare and precious materials. They love using the exotic and rare Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, South Sea, Tahitian and Burmese pearls together with African gemstones.  They have a passion for supporting boutique workshops in South Africa and California where their designs are handcrafted using conflict free diamonds and ethically filtered gold.

Keeping it in the family, Alex and her aunt Megan model the collections while Carolyn directs each photographic shoot. MILTON & HYDE is a celebration of creative femininity.