About Us


The mother and daughter team, Carolyn and Alex created the MILTON & HYDE brand in California as an elegant and trendy fine jewelry collection. Both born in South Africa, Carolyn and Alex, continue to find inspiration in the high-end quality of diamonds and gold that the country has to offer. Influences from living on the beautiful Californian coastline have enriched their playful, individual and edgy designs. These collections are created for the modern woman who is forever on the go while embracing her own personality with a touch of MILTON & HYDE style!  
Both founders enjoy collaborating on their designs and personally select each and every piece that is chosen for the collections, giving each design a unique touch while ensuring the highest quality of craftsmanship. Alex is the face of the brand whilst Carolyn coordinates and styles the photographic shoots.
The MILTON & HYDE Signature Collection is handcrafted in South Africa by highly skilled and talented jewelry artisans. We believe in supporting boutique style workshops where we build personal relationships and know that the beauty of the work we have designed is always of the highest quality.