About Us


MILTON & HYDE fine jewellery was founded in 2017 by mother and daughter designer duo, Carolyn and Alex Milton. Both born in South Africa, their passion for fine jewellery was influenced by the availability of gold, diamonds and exceptional local goldsmithing found in Southern Africa. These resources have provided an excellent platform for the business to grow.

The Maltese Cross and Orb collections are inspired by their love of the British Crown Jewels and the world-famous African Cullinan diamonds featured in them. Carolyn’s British ancestors passed down their knowledge and affection for the monarchy, and these collections are a modern take on regal jewels and their symbolism.

Carolyn and Alex collaborate on their designs and ethically and responsibly source all of their materials. They love using the rare and exotic Sleeping Beauty Turquoise from Arizona, gorgeous South Sea and Tahitian pearls as well as African gemstones, gold and diamonds. Colour, precious stones and high-quality craftsmanship are synonymous with their designs.

MILTON & HYDE is a growing international brand, featured in the Gemfields luxury investment index. The mother and daughter duo continue to celebrate their passion and creative femininity through their captivating jewels.