M&H Craftsmanship

The story of MILTON & HYDE starts with the mother-daughter founders Carolyn and Alex Milton. Both were born in South Africa where there is an abundance of natural resources such as, gold, diamonds and precious gemstones. Their love for these earth born materials are highlighted through their fine jewlery designs. The MILTON & HYDE Signature collection uses the Maltese Cross and Orb as their brands iconic symbols. Each piece is handcrafted by local artisans in their boutique workshop in South Africa. The gold used is ethically filtered and all the diamonds are assessed through the Kimberley process to ensure they are 100% conflict free.
MILTON & HYDE are proud to support local artisans and goldsmiths who expertly hand make the exquisite jewelry pieces that Carolyn and Alex design. By supporting these local artisans it ensures that the legacy of fine jewelry making within South Africa lives on to the next generation.